Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Saturday at the Ivy League Connection Meeting

For a Saturday, I retained a lot of material unlike my usual Saturdays where I mainly stay home. Today I went to an Ivy League Connection meeting, where I learned some of the important things I need to know and do to be part of this program. For instance, I learned how to blog and its importance. I also learned some cool and useful tips on photography that I will surely use.

During the meeting, Don Gosney, our instructor, reminded us of the responsibilities we have to uphold as Ivy League Connection members. For instance, being on time and always showing respect towards others. More importantly, he stressed the fact that we are adults, who will be dealt with like adults. If we are anything less than what is expected of us we would meet Evil Don, who sounds very intimidating, in my opinion.

At the meeting, I met a few other Ivy League Connection members. I really appreciated the fact that the sessions were broken down with other members, who were accepted to other schools/programs, because I was able to connect and talk with them. This meeting made me more excited for my summer at Vanderbilt. I am really looking forward to going there, meeting other students, and experiencing what Vanderbilt has to offer.

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  1. I am so sorry that Evil Don couldn’t be there to meet you all face to face. He’s a lazy S.O.B., though. and getting him out of his Barcalounger on a Saturday is pretty tough. Maybe some other day, though.