Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Countdown Begins: School Board Meeting

Today I attended the School Board meeting at DeJean Middle School. I had the opportunity to meet the rest of the ILCers and the chaperones. I was able to spend time with Mr. Mannix and the rest of my cohort. We had a great conversation. 

Before the ILCers were introduced, two Ivy League alumni talked about their experiences on the east coast. They both were extremely grateful for the Ivy League Connection because it gave them a chance to explore colleges outside of California. I also enjoyed listening to the students' speeches, and hearing the chaperons say wonderful things about the past summer programs. I could truly connect with all the students' speeches because they shared the same excitement as me. All the students are looking forward to bringing back a great experience and sharing that experience with their peers and community. 

After all the ILCers and the chaperons were introduced, we took a group photo. As Don had warned us before, it was extremely hard to organize the entire group. We had to take about twenty photos. Once the group photo was taken, the Vanderbilt cohort gathered outside to take a final photo with our certificates. 

Overall, the School Board meeting had a fun and exciting atmosphere. I am extremely excited to attend Vanderbilt. I have started the countdown on the calendar for the adventure that waits!

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