Thursday, May 15, 2014

The School Board Presents: The Ivy League Connection

Today the West Contra Costa Unified District presented their School Board Meeting at LaVonya DeJean Midde School in Richmond. It was my first time attending a school board meeting and I wasn't sure what to expect. But to my surprise, I was very interested about how the school board ran the meeting. In truth, this was the first time I saw educational advocates actually discussing about school affairs in such an official manner. It was so different from the regular teacher and administrators conferences that are held in the school library.

One thing that I was really surprised about and admired was that every school board meeting has a guest student speaker, who can take a vote in certain matters and talk to and question some of the cabinet members on the board. I respected the fact that the school board meeting allowed student speakers have the chance to take part in their community and public school system. I believe that it really advocates students to come out of their shells and take part in something great. In addition, I also admired how organized the meeting went and how there was a flow to going from one point to the another.

Vanderbilt Cohorts and Chaperone, Micheal Mannix, showing their
Vanderbilt pride in front of the school board members.
During the Ivy League Connection presentations at the meeting, different schools went up with their chaperone to say a few word about this opportunity. When the Vanderbilt cohorts were called to go up, I was overjoyed to publicly show my pride of being an ILC cohort and to hold the Vanderbilt flag with my fellow cohorts in front of the board panel. As I was listening to each of the student's speeches I realized again how grateful I was to be given this opportunity  to experience something great and how thankful I am to the beneficiaries and sponsors for making that happen.

During the meeting I was excited to see many familiar faces as well as many new ones.  I got a chance to see some of the cohorts from the other schools that I had met previously already, as well as cohorts that I haven't met. I was really happy to have met most of the Ivy League Connection cohorts and I wish to have more opportunities where I can meet them again.

Near the end we took our Ivy League Connection group photo that included all the Ivy League cohorts and their parents. Although the preparation for the photo was a little hectic and troublesome, it was worth it. After the group's photo shoot, my cohorts and I all went outside to receive our certificate by Mr.Mannix. As I was being handed my certificate, two thoughts were on my mind. The first one was how blessed and grateful I was for this opportunity and  the second one was, what color frame I should buy to accompany the certificate that was going on my wall with pride?
Chaperone, Mr.Mannix and the Vanderbilt Cohorts taking pride with their certificates.

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