Monday, June 2, 2014

Just the Beginning

The grand location of the orientation.
For the longest time now the  cohorts have been looking forward to going to the certain events that the Ivy League Connection holds. The Vanderbilt cohorts have three main events the dinner, the school board meeting, and the orientation. Today the last main event, before the actual trip, took place at Pinole Middle School. Although the orientation had a more casual setting, Don did remind us that we were able to wear casual clothing. In the email he sent he said that was going to wear his usual pair of shorts and Hawaiian shirt. Because of this, some of the cohorts at my school , Hercules High School, and I thought it was be a fun idea to dress like Don for the event. Although only five of the cohorts from my school participated, I thought it was a good idea. 

During the orientation, I found myself more excited about my summer than ever. As we were going over some important details, I began to think about all the things I'd be able to experience and see. Part of the orientation was to break off into groups, therefore the Vanderbilt cohorts, chaperone, and parents went into a classroom to discuss the itinerary of our travels. I was happy to hear that we would be able to see certain museums, like the Smithsonian and the Holocaust Museum, as part of our tour around the different states in the East Coast. There is no amount that describes how excited I am for this opportunity.

The orientation also allowed me to see the other cohorts again. Before the orientation started, I talked to some of the other cohorts going to other schools. It was really nice being able to converse with them and get to know them better. I was able to find out what they were planning on to do before their up coming trips to the various schools. Besides allowing me to talk to the other cohorts and making me more excited, this orientation, like the other events, made me grateful for being part of this amazing opportunity. This event was the last event before we leave for this great opportunity but it's only just the beginning of our great experience and adventures.  

Our fashion/style inspired by the one and only, Don Gosney.

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