Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Wake Up Call

Location of the orientation
Today, the Ivy League Connections held their last organized event that included all of this year's ILCers. Being able to see everyone at the Orientation today reminded me of just how big this organization has become. The orientation was held at Pinole Middle School. Don told us to be there on time or it would cost us our scholarship.

This event was the perfect opportunity for parents to ask questions about what we'll be doing exactly in a couple of weeks. My mother didn't seem to have many questions because according to her, going to Vanderbilt is all I talk about nowadays (but why wouldn't I). Don talked about many aspects of our trip such as Do's and Don'ts. He also spoke about how and what to pack, and also loaner items such as tri-pods or fans. The loaner items are what peeked my interest the most because there were a couple of things I know I'll need.

We broke out into our respective groups so that we could go more in depth about our specific trip. My mom got the chance to meet our chaperon as he spoke about what our day to day schedule would look like. Looking at the itinerary made me realize that the best summer that I'm ever going to have is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited.

There are many moving parts in the Ivy League Connections and many important people. Ms. Kronenberg paid us a visit and also gave us some advice and warnings about our trip. Also, she reminded us about what a big role tour-guide Don has played in getting us this far. She told us to be very appreciative of him (which we are) because the Ivy League Connections wouldn't be able to run as smoothly without him. Thank You Don!
Our way of celebrating Don

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