Thursday, June 12, 2014

T-18 Days

We had our final meet and greet before heading off to Nashville in about two and a half weeks. We all decided to meet a Chipotle because of the variety of diets within our cohorts (no bananas!) I ordered a steak and rice burrito with a little too much sour cream. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good burrito.

This was another opportunity for us to ask any questions about our trip. Because a majority of our questions were answered at the Orientation, the meet and greet also served as a way for all of us to hang out in a casual setting. In between questions, we had a nice conversation about Carson's short trip to Brown in a couple of days or how Jasmine is a reserved but deadly type of girl. I can tell that we are all going to be really close friends by the end of the trip. As Mr. Mannix said, "you guys have great chemistry." I am really excited for our trip and I don't think it could be with a better group of individuals.

Carson wearing his nice Brown sweatshirt
Shanti and I had most of the questions mainly because we have the least amount of experience with traveling. Carson is pretty much a pro because of his frequent trips on airplanes so he, as well as Mr. Mannix, were giving some useful advice about what and how to pack. We talked about our busy schedules, hotels, and the possibility of getting nice matching snuggies (joking). 

We shared many laughs and jokes as the night ended. I'm sure we all left the table feeling a lot more comfortable with each other and our upcoming trip. 

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