Monday, June 30, 2014

The Time Is Here

I've been making a bit of a mess while I packed!
The time is here! Well, almost. In just a few hours, I will be departing from home (again) and going to the East Coast (again)! The trip is almost here! (I feel like I'm pretty bad at titling things.)

At 3:50 AM, the Vanderbilt cohort must meet up at El Cerrito High School, along with the Penn (University of Pennsylvania) cohort. We are all meeting together since we are all flying this morning. I am expecting some discussion to happen and photos to be taken, and we leave for the airport at 5 AM. I have a copy of the itinerary, but I won't spoil the story so soon! I'll go over it as the story unfolds.

I've spent the day packing. I find myself packing so often that I'm quite used to it at this point. After all, I just came back from a flight last week! I had to pack from scratch, though, since I completely unpacked after I came home. It's okay, since I know what to pack and I'm quite experienced at it now.

I'm simultaneously worried and excited for the trip. My worries stem from having expectations that won't be met, since I've already had fantastic trips before, and I'm excited for new things; after all, it is still a trip! From what I've read, Vanderbilt Summer Academy is quite different from Summer@Brown. I'm glad that there's a bit of a jump, since it'll be harder to have expectations.

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  1. One important piece of advice I give all of our ILCers is to actually go to bed the night before this trip--as opposed to staying up and then sleeping on the plane. I see that this blog was posted at 12:53 AM--just a couple of hours before I would expect our ILCers to rise from their slumber before heading to ECHS to meet up.

    What should I think here? Did you get a full 8 hours sleep and awake early before posting your blog or did you stay up late, post your blog and then go to bed for a 2 hour power sleep? I’ll know in about an hour when I see your face and either see you bright eyed and bushy tailed or see that hang dog look of someone desperate for a few more minutes of sleep.

    Yes, I love me job.