Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ready Set Go!

Since the past two weeks, I've been getting all the items on my packing list together. (I had a lot of shopping to do.) Because I was very inexperienced with packing, my mother had to help me. I was very paranoid about forgetting to pack something; however, I am all set now. Fortunately, my luggage does not exceed the weight limit.    

In just a couple more hours, I will be meeting Don and the rest of the Vanderbilt Cohort at El Cerrito High School. The opportunity that I have been waiting for since December is finally here. Since the interview, I have been preparing for this trip by attending the Vanderbilt Dinner, the School Board meeting, and the Orientation. Now that the trip is here, I feel more than prepared.

I am extremely excited to visit the East Coast for the first time. However, at the same time I am a little nervous. The last time I traveled on an airplane was eight years ago, and this will be my first time staying away from my family. I am going to miss my family back home, but I know that I am going to have a great time at Vanderbilt. I will be able to experience something new and different by living in the dorms. 

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  1. Nice luggage and backpack. Where have I seen that before?