Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Meet and Greet at Chipotle

 The Vanderbilt cohort had their meet and greet today at Chipotle in Pinole. We had a great time. It was an exciting atmosphere where everyone joked around. As soon as everyone came, we got in line to get our food. I decided to get a chicken burrito (I had a hard time eating it though because it was extremely large.)Once we got our food we headed outside and sat together as a large group. The parents had an opportunity to ask questions; however, my mother did not have any questions. Mr. Mannix clarified what we can and cannot carry in our luggage. This reminded me that I have to start making a list of what I need to pack and purchase. I also realized that I will need to take a blanket with me because the AC is always on at Vanderbilt. Luckily, I won't need to carry a fan with me. Once we ran out of questions, everyone looked at Shanti to ask more questions. She ended up asking a good question that was useful for all of us.

Halfway during the event, my father and brother came for a brief moment and met Mr. Mannix. Mr. Mannix asked my brother how he felt, and he seemed pretty excited for me to leave. Afterwards we started talking about our experience at the interview. Chiamaka and Shanti mentioned how they had started making predictions on who was going to pass the interview.

The meet and greet was another great event that gave the cohort, the parents, and Mr. Mannix a opportunity to get to know everyone better. Fortunately, my parents feel more comfortable about sending me away now. At the end we concluded by taking a group photo in front of Chipotle.

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