Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Less Structured Day

I decided to get breakfast with my friends today at the Hank lobby. We were served Panera bagels. This was my first time eating Panera bagels, and I enjoyed eating the raisin bagel. We finished breakfast early, so we had extra free time. At 11:45 we met our proctor and headed to Rand for lunch. There was a long line, so I was rushed to finish my lunch.

We then separated into our groups for the afternoon activities. We had to wear our VSA shirts. We were supposed to do a scavenger hunt in downtown Nashville, but it was extremely hot. Therefore, we instead decided  to go to a cafe called Hard Rock. My friends and I did not order anything besides water because we were already full from lunch. We were supposed to watch the World Cup there, but the cafe did not put it on. Many students were upset, but I did not mind because I do not watch sports anyways. We sat there for a while, and then we went shopping; there were small shops nearby that we visited. As we walked around, I realized that cowboy boots are very popular in Nashville.
Shanti, Chiamaka, and I decided to purchase matching infinity bracelets from one of the shops. We boarded the bus again at 4:00 PM to go back to Hank. We had  free time until 5:50 PM. I took advantage of the time to work on my summer assignments from school. We then had dinner at Rand's. After dinner, we had free time from 7-10 PM. My friends and I gathered to watch a movie which concluded our day.

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