Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Proctor Night!

Today I had the opportunity to shadow a neurologist who sees patients with epilepsy(seizures). Unfortunately, I was not able to start shadowing until 10:00 because he didn't arrive to work until that time; therefore, I had to wait for one hour. While I was waiting, I heard two neurologists discussing a patient's case. They were exchanging information about a  patient's symptoms and her past history.

When the neurosurgeon arrived, I saw two follow-up patients. The first patient had migraines and depression along with epilepsy. Dr. Lagrange had to prescribe new medicine because the previous one was not working.  I noticed that the patient was having a hard time expressing her thoughts which was a result of the medicine. The other patient had seizures in her temporal lobe; she has had epilepsy since  twenty years which caused her to have emotional problems. I truly enjoyed shadowing a neurologist; however, I wish I could have seen more patients.

When we went back to class, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Kat (one of my instructors) and Meg (our T.A.) Kat had also baked cupcakes for everyone- which was a nice treat. Afterwards, we worked on this week's group project. Each group has to design a public health initiative that targets a specific disease. My group and I decided to focus on obesity. Our idea is to create a program that encourages overweight and obese individuals to exercise. The participants have to ride a bike a certain distance; once they complete that distance, they will be rewarded a tax deduction. Hopefully, our group can win the competition for the best public health initiative!

Instead of having the usual SOFT night, we had proctor night. We first went to the Vanderbilt Bookstore. I decided to purchase a keychain since I had already bought a hoodie. We then went back to Hank and ate Chinese food. We also shared stories and played games such as Hot Seat. I learned interesting facts about everyone in my group.

The proctor night-the last one-concluded today's event, and I am looking forward to the talent show tomorrow!

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