Friday, July 25, 2014

The Last Full Day...

My morning wasn't the same as the usual because I knew that it was going to be the last full day at VSA. Since it was the last full day the Vanderbilt Summer Academy's Head Leadership Team and the proctors all, planned to go to one of Nashville's famous pancakes place, which is the Pancake Pantry. Going there was completely optional but I wanted to go because I knew that time was running out to be with the people that I will miss the most. 

Since I have already had the opportunity of going to Pancake Pantry, earlier this month, I decided to get something different. My instructor, Dawson, had recommended to order their Famous Sweet Potato Pancakes, when class started. I decided to take a chance and try them. There were so fluffy and delightful. I couldn't imagine my breakfast going any better. I'm going to miss walking down the streets of Nashville and being able to go to different places like the Pancake Pantry.

After breakfast we had to hurry back to the dorms. We arrived at the campus grounds at around 8:10 AM and classes started 9:00 AM. As I was walking to class, it felt like something was holding me back. The resistance to go to class was because of the fact that today was the last day of class. 

Class today was great like always. We learned some new material and went over some old. After, we watched a movie that was math related. It was called "Beautiful Mind". It was a very good movie. Later we worked on more puzzlers. Our instructors wanted to make sure that we had some class time dedicated to taking pictures and exchanging contact information. For the last thirty minutes of class we took a few photos as a momentum of what a great time we had in the class. 

Mr.Dawson Gray! 
"We are the real athletes of the nation...
 we are the mathletes"
"Math is Life" 
Last group photo of the proctor! 

After class it time for VSA's Closing Ceremony. This ceremony was dedicated to all the students who worked hard for the past three weeks and all the staffs members who constantly worked to make sure every student had the best experience possible. A small portion of the ceremony was to acknowledge those who have been dedicated to being part of the VSA team and program for so many years. It was very sad for me to say good-bye to the people who I have grown strong relations with as friends,    mentors, and even as family. But I knew that the real goodbye didn't start at the ceremony but when we all went back to our dorms later on that night.

Before the actual goodbyes, we all had to prepare ourselves for the upcoming dance tonight. The theme was "Shipwrecked".I was a little confused on how to go about the theme but I found a solution. I was excited about the dance because it was said that students controlled the music with close provision. I was hoping for some really good songs to play. The dance was well thought out. I loved the decorations, the music, and the enthusiasm each student brought to show their love for VSA. The dances are absolutely one of my favorite activities that happened in VSA. 

After we all went back to our dorms for some free time. Although it wasn't much we all gathered in the common floors in the building and started to sign each others term books.  The term books are Vanderbilt's way of helping the students remember their great time in Vanderbilt in 2014. There are closely similar to a regular yearbook but on a small scale. All the classes and proctor groups had their own page. I was so happy to have received the term book because I got a lot of people to sign mine, telling me to keep in touch with them. I was happy that this experience has allowed me to meet new people and friends.

At the end of my extraordinary day, I had a proctor meeting. In today's proctor meeting, we all reflected on what we learned from this experience and what we have absorbed from others in the past three weeks. I thought about how this experience has changed me as an individual and as a student. Near the end of the proctor meeting we talked about how much we were going to miss each other. We all agreed even though we won't see each other much we weren't going to say goodbye. We aren't going to say goodbye because we know that we are always going to be talking with each other even if we are in different parts of the country.  

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