Sunday, July 6, 2014

We're Here!

The line was insane
Today was a pretty laid back day. We got in line for The Pancake Pantry. It was a really long line so I expected the pancakes to be out of this world....they were average. I ordered the Swiss Chocolate Chip Pancakes. There were so many chocolate chips on the pancakes, it was a bit overwhelming. After eating breakfast, we had a little bit of free time. We were able to visit a close by mall where Shanti, Jasmine, and I were able to shop.

It was sort of a quiet ride up to Vanderbilt because we were all so nervous about the first day at Vanderbilt. Meeting new people and talking to other people is always hard. When we checked in, Shanti and I found out that we were roommates. I was so happy to find out that we were roommates because it would have made life easier. But, we made a mutual decision of splitting up because we knew that if we stayed together, we would probably be stuck in our own bubble and we wouldn't branch out. So we were able to switch with two girls from across the hall. My roommate's name is Chelsea. She is also a rising junior. This is her third year here at Vanderbilt and she is taking the Science of Filming class here. Because she's been here so many times, she knew so many people. It seems as if everyone already knows each other here. 
My dorm
We had some activities to do as a whole proctor group. We introduced ourselves to each other, I remember everyone's names so far but I can't put names to faces yet. No one I've met so far is from the west coast. We have houses here and I'm in the V house which is the best house to be in (I hope we win the house cup this year). There are a lot of rules to remember but they are necessary rules.

I'm excited for the other activities that we get to do. This week, I have yoga. I was sort of disappointed to get yoga because I really wanted to try fencing but I soon learned that fencing is almost impossible to get into because everyone wants it. We played a human scavenger hunt game in a huge lawn. It was sort of hectic. Our last drill was to carry our proctor to the top of the field without dropping them, needless to say, many proctors fell. 

Honestly, I'm still really scared to be here because I'm not used to talking to people I don't know. But, it is a skill that I definitely need to develop. Tomorrow I have my first class and I'm also really nervous for that. Some of the girls in my proctor group have the same class as me but I can't remember who. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. Hopefully my anxiety goes away overnight (unlikely) so I can start to make some new friends. When does it become easier to make friends? I'll tell you when I find out.  

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