Monday, July 14, 2014

The Beginning of the Second Week

Today was an exciting day: it was the first day of game called Assassins. Breakfast was a bit hectic because everyone was worried of getting "killed". I enjoyed breakfast though; we were served waffles.

After breakfast we headed to class. During the first half of class, we were lectured on neurology. I thought it was a interesting lecture because I am personally interested in neurology. I was able to learn about the different structures and functions in the brain. We then headed out to lunch.

When we came back from lunch, Kat (one of our instructors) introduced us to PSA which stands for Public Service Announcements. We talked about the different factors that play into a PSA and what effect it can have on the audience. We watched short video clips that focused on matters such as texting while driving or smoking. The video clips all appealed to different emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, or humor. This week we will be working on our own PSA project.

Afterwards we had a couple of guest speakers. The first two speakers were fourth year medical students who were completing dual degrees. One of the them had done a Masters of Public Health and the other one earned a business degree. The next set of speakers were also completing a dual degree. After completing two years of medical school, they had started their PhD. After the guest speakers left, we visited a lab where mice underwent testing.

My Arete class- juggling- was harder than I expected. By the end of the day, I could barely juggle with two balls. I am looking forward to improving my juggling skills. After Arete, we had a little freetime. Then we had dinner with another proctor group. We went to a restaurant called Chili's. I did not enjoy the walk to and from the restaurant because it was raining. However, I am looking forward to tomorrow: I will be going to the OR.

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