Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Class today began with another student lesson on radicals. This time, I was selected to be a mission holder, and I was to raise my hand at every chance and try to answer every question. It reminded me of what I would do at school, though I was acting here so I was being much more extreme. My classmate who taught this lesson handled me pretty well by trying to tell me to give the other students a chance to answer the questions.

After the lesson, we had a puzzler based on logic. I did not do so well at this puzzler, and others' explanations were much more helpful in obtaining a solution. Dawson had us act out the situation used in the puzzler to understand the logic, and it helped a fair bit, though examples like those are typically not my style of learning.

We moved onto more number theory after we finished with the puzzler. We learned about applying phi, nu, and sigma to find certain properties of prime numbers, and we discussed Mersenne primes and perfect numbers.

The next student lesson was on factoring quadratics. I have been keeping an eye out for what to do and what not to do when I present on Friday, though I am still rather worried. I am not sure how I would deal with behavior, and I hope my content will be good enough.

When we finished the lesson, we discussed cryptography. Number theory was once thought as the purest form of math with no real-world application, but the usage of number theory in cryptography dispelled that idea. Cryptography is used to encode information for security's sake.

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