Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Days Getting Better

This morning started out pretty funny. Since  I was still in the game, Assassin, I had a target. After a day of this game, I was a little tired of being so paranoid all the time. I hated the fact that I couldn't walk anywhere without being safe from my assassin. I was walking out of the bathroom and when I least expected it, I was killed. Right after she killed me, she said," I've been meaning to do that this whole morning." It took me a second to process what happened but I quickly gave her my spoon with the target and left. I started to think about what she said and I realized that she was watching me the whole time when I was in the commons. I felt a little awkward but I remembered that, watching the target and trying to figure who they are is the whole point of the game. My friends and I just laughed at the fact that I was the one who lasted the longest in the game in our proctor group. The funny thing about it was that, I told everyone that I would be the person to be assassinated first.

During class we had two presentations. Since I am determined to do better for the next one I tried my best to see the good qualities they brought out in their lecture. I also tried paying attention to how they handled certain situations and some of the techniques they used to teach. I observed that when a teacher is teaching they need to be focused on the lesson. That means that if there are any distraction they have to handle it in the best way that they can. If a student's phone rings in class, the teacher should give only about one warning before taking it away. Another example is that if a student is not paying attention, they should get some personal attention from the teacher to get the motivation they need to go on in the lesson. Seeing the presentations today, showed me what I can do to improve myself and taught me certain aspects of teaching I should take in account when I teach or give a presentation. After the presentation, we had an actual lesson from Mr.Gray. It was challenging like the other lesson, but I got the lesson. I understood it and I believe with a little more practice I can get better.

Half of my amazing lunch group.
Shanti(me), Abigail, Jasmine
During lunch I usually sit next to my lunch group. The people in my group consists of mainly the people  that are in my proctor group. I love sitting next to my group. I admire the fascinating conversations we have and the jokes we tell each other. I love how in the most awkward situations we can always make it fun. Unfortunately today I only got to only sit next to half of my group. But they are all amazing individuals and no matter who it is I can always find myself having a great conversation with them.

During my arete, which is the Self Defense class this week, was fun. In the class I learn new moves everyday to defend myself in certain situations. For instance today, I learned how to get myself out of a headlock position. I like this class more than my other one, which Pitch Perfect, because I feel as if that I enjoy the class more and self defense is something important all people should know about. 

My Clean Laundry.
The Wonderful Laundry Room.

Today was SOFT night. I didn't take advantage of SOFT night this time because I felt like I should catch up on a few things with all the extra time. For instance, since most of the students were out of the dorms, I was able laundry. Today was a productive day and I hope my days are more like this one.

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