Sunday, July 13, 2014

Low Key

The weekend is finally here, and we welcome it with a low-key day. We had a catered breakfast within the Hank Ingram House starting at 8 AM. The choices of food were not as extensive as the dining commons; we had fruit, breakfast burritos, yogurt, coffee, and orange juice. I decided to wake up a little later than usual since the morning schedule is more lenient.

Unfortunately, we have class on Saturdays. It runs from 10 AM to noon, so it's a lot shorter than usual. In Special Topics in Math, Dawson decided to give us an easier day. He brought some snacks and drinks to the classroom, and we watched Good Will Hunting, which describes the personal growth of a mathematical genius. I have a mixed opinion about the movie, since I really liked some parts but strongly disliked others. I did appreciate being able to relax with a movie though, and I think Good Will Hunting is a movie worth watching again.

After class, we had lunch at Rand Dining Hall. It took our class a while to walk over to the dining hall, so we had less time compared to everyone else. There were also a lot of people not from VSA, which crowded the lines inside of the building. I wanted to try an acclaimed "Randwich," so I waited in line for a lengthy period of time to get one. By the time I sat down, lunch was halfway over, so I was a little rushed in finishing my food.

As I finished the first half of my sandwich, I saw that people were starting to leave the dining hall. It was time for the next activity of the day! Half of the students were to spend the next two hours in the recreational center, while the other half (myself included) were to watch The Goonies. The building in which the movie was to be watched was distant, so I had time to finish my second sandwich as we were walking over.

When the movie ended, we were given sign-out free time. Some of my friends wanted to go shopping, so I decided to tag along, hoping that there would be a few stores for men's clothing. (There weren't any.) After we returned from Hillsboro Village, we had time to get ready, since we were going to the Strike and Spare Family Fun Center to eat and to spend the rest of the evening. I played laser tag and went bowling while I was there.

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