Monday, July 14, 2014

Case of the Mondays

Today I woke up kind if late and I had to rush in order to get ready. Today was the first day of the game Assassins. During breakfast, I got to "kill" my first target and it was kind of fun. My target's name was Micheala and she had a good sense of humor about it. I had the goal of surviving throughout the day and just living through tomorrow but my goal was short lived because I died during breakfast about 15 minutes after I "killed" my target. My assassin's name is Lizzie and she was pretty nice and I hope that she goes on to win the whole game or that would mean that she "killed" me for no reason.

Class was kind of weird because everybody was tired. We got to see a mice lab and how researchers track diabetes in mice and they try to see if whatever gene worked in ridding the diabetes in the mouse would work in humans. Also, we learned more about Public Service Announcements (PSA), and our next group project is to make a public service announcement.

I was not looking forward to my arĂȘte after class today. I have acapella this week and I am not excited because I don't like organized singing. It's okay to sing along to the radio or to sing in the shower but when it comes to "harmonizing" or anything like that, it's not fun at all. At least everyone else in the class actually knows how to sing so I can just be in the background. 

the view from Chili's
Tonight was also proctor date night. My proctor group asked another proctor group to dinner as our dates. I thought that the dinner would be awkward and I was right. It was raining when we left for the restaurant which I thought was a clear sign that we shouldn't have gone through with the date. I sat with Shanti and she was basically my rock throughout the dinner. We sat with Conner and Clay and they were cool guys and Conner had a lot to say which was nice because it meant that I didn't have to say anything. The food at Chili's was better than I thought because everyone I talked to said that the food wasn't all that great, so I lowered my expectations very low. We all stopped by Ben and Jerry's on our way back to the campus. I opted out of the ice cream because I felt like sugar was the last thing I needed. Hopefully tomorrow is better.

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