Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I'm quite saddened by the fact that we are in our last week already. The program has been flying by too fast, and I will regret having to leave many of the friends I've made here. Oddly enough, our last day of class is Thursday, not Friday. Friday will be the day of check-out, and I am slightly worried about not being able to say goodbye to everyone.

Our day in class was filled with extremely large math problems after we had our last lesson about logarithms from another student. We had a puzzler in which we discussed the arrangement of people in an airplane. We then had a discussion about the quickest way to find a fake coin by weight, and we had two problems on this theoretical situation. The second problem took an extremely large amount of time, and my group was unable to come up with a solution after a significant amount of contemplation. For study hall, we had an extension on yesterday's question during study hall.

After class, I hung out with friends for a bit. Our free time was cut short, unfortunately, as we had to leave early for proctor night. My proctor group had a group date with a different proctor group, and we went to Cabana yet again. The best part of my night was probably the food, actually. After dinner, we watched a movie in one of the seminar rooms in the dorm.

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