Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Kat!

Today in class, we focused mainly on how to examine patients. We primarily learned the abdominal exam and how to diagnose patients. We got to practice on one of our instructors and we had to diagnose her. We were supposed to ask her questions in a certain order and there were some questions that we ask in a certain way to make the patient feel comfortable. Doctors have to be as relatable to their patients as possible so that they feel comfortable enough be honest. I'm not sure if I would be a relatable person. Our teacher Margot told us that on the last day, we would work with a standardized patient which is actually an actor that "acts" sick and we have to diagnose them. I hope I do well...I know which questions to ask but I wouldn't know how to diagnose them because I don't know about every disease in the world.
Happy Birthday Kat

We also talked about the vaccine controversy. I just want to start off and say that I don't think that vaccines should be mandated and made a law because I still feel as if that everyone should be able to make their own choices. Even if people make the (WRONG) choice of not getting vaccinated or not getting their children vaccinated, then it is still their right to make that choice. I personally would want everyone to get vaccinated but it is still their choice. Vaccines are often linked to Autism but this is not true! Children are often diagnosed with Autism around the age of 2 or 3 which just happens to be the right age that children are supposed to be vaccinated for MMR. Other than that, there has been NO scientific proof that vaccinations can lead to autism. I feel as if people need to educate themselves before they became so narrow minded about certain topics. On a brighter note, today was one of my instructors birthday and we sang her happy birthday and we ate some delicious home made cupcakes.

Today was also proctor night. This time, our proctor group decided to stay together and not try a date night because the last time we did it, it didn't go so well. I'm glad that we all stayed together. First we made a trip to the book store and I got this book that I've been meaning to get Palo Alto by James Franco. I'm really interested in it because I've heard some really good reviews. Then we got to visit this cute little boutique near Barnes and noble and I got this really cute necklace. My proctor was nice enough to give me a coupon so the necklace was even cheaper for me. After, shopping, we had Chinese food waiting for us back at the campus. The food was great but the company was better. We all at in a circle and talked about nothing in particular. We all laughed until we couldn't breathe as we told stories about ourselves. We played games and told a couple of secrets. It was really fun and I'm really going to miss everyone. I thought we were the perfect mix of personalities and I couldn't have been in a better proctor group. 

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