Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Class started with a puzzler about figuring out the values of certain digits using logic and algebra. I was a tad bit slower at this puzzler compared to yesterday’s puzzler. After the puzzler, we had a worksheet where we had to figure out the pattern in a sequence of numbers. It took a lot of creative thinking and some non-mathematical thinking, which I am not quite used to.

We then learned about combinatorics, which includes combinations and permutations. The lecture was a little long, and I had covered combinatorics a few times in the past: in algebra II, in statistics, and on my own time. It was good to have extra practice, though.

Dawson split the class into teams yet again, and I was placed into a three-person team. We did an activity involving counting and chi-squared tests before we had another little competition. Each team got a worksheet where we had to apply what we just learned to solve problems. Every team was neck-and-neck throughout the competition, and it was a fun and friendly competition. I had some disagreements with my team regarding how to solve certain problems, but we conceded when we had to, so our team came pretty far.

We went to the library yet again for study hall, so that we can work on our projects. I need to focus more and be more productive during study hall, so I can complete my project early and be free of stress. I got a decent amount of progress in today. Dawson had individual meetings with students to discuss how they would present their lessons, since each student is covering a different topic. My meeting will be tomorrow.

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