Sunday, July 20, 2014

Off to the Mall We Go

Earlier today, after lunch, we went to the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. Before hand, on the bus ride, I got some information on what kinds of stores were there. Most of the stores I shop from in the West Coast were all located in this one mall. I was really excited but I had to remind myself I was shopping for souvenirs and I couldn't buy to many things because of the baggage weight limits the airport has when I go back to the West Coast. 

When we approached the mall the bus took us around the whole building complex once. Opry Mills Mall is a very big mall. The mall wasn't as close to being great as the ones near my house on the West Coast. Like I said the mall is very big and it was impossible to try to go to every place in the mall in two hours. We went to various stores, which included Forever 21, Earthbound, and Papaya. I didn't buy to much, considering my constraints on luggage weight. In addition, I just wanted to buy things that I needed. I ended up buying a pair of pants, two T-shirts for my sisters, and a bracelet. It isn't much, but I am content with what I bought.

Later on we had dinner. As we were talking and eating our food, I realized how much I was going to miss being at VSA. My journey in VSA is going to end soon. Although I am excited to go back home and see my family, I can't help myself to the fact that for the past two week I have had my own VSA family here. Its going to be hard to leave, but I refuse to say good-bye. I will keep in contact with everyone and it will be great.

After dinner we had a trivia game to go to. All the proctor groups were involved. In the trivia game, there were different topics that we had to answer questions to. These topics ranges from intellectual ones, like literature and biology, to more fun ones, like music and sports. For each category there was five questions to ask. Our proctor group didn't win but it was a fun experience. We tried our best and that's all anyone could ask for. After the trivia game, that lasted for two hours, some of us stayed back to help fix up/clean up the room. 

Later we went back the the dorm room and had our nightly proctor meeting. During the meeting, we talked about our upcoming event for the week and our schedule for the next day. Later on we talked about how its was coming close to our departure day. We told each other about what we were looking forward to about the week and what we plan to do for our proctor night, which is a night when only our proctor groups hangs out with each other. I'm excited for the coming week but I am also very sad. I know that leaving VSA is going to be very hard but I'm going to make my time left here as great as it can be.   

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