Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our Mini Golfing Adventure!

Since it was Saturday, class was only from 10 AM to 12 AM. Sleeping in is one of the greatest aspects of having class at 10 AM. In addition, class was very relaxing. We first began the day with two presentations that had not been able to go the other day due to the limited amount of time.  After the presentations, the whole class watched a movie. The movie was called "Stand and Deliver". It was a great movie. Although I had already watched it, it was hard for me to take my eyes off the screen because it was such a good movie. 

When the movie was over, Dawson, our instructor, told us that it was our TA's, Mara, birthday. Even though we sang her "Happy Birthday" as off key and tune as possible, it was the thought that count. After the delightful performance we all marched to lunch.

Lunch today was held in the other dining commons room. Rand, the one we went to today dining, is a little smaller than our regular dining commons. It also doesn't have a pool table nor a recreational area for the students to just relax and stay after their meal. Being smaller than the regular place it was a lot more crowded than usual. 

After lunch, we had another SOFT afternoon. It was from 1 PM- 5PM. The SOFT today was longer than usual. On a regular day we would get about two hours to roam around the set boundaries in Nashville, but today we had four hours. Having the four hours allowed us to go to various places. To start off SOFT night, we all went to this little business called Pangaea. Its like a boutique. We were so fortunate to have SOFT(Sign Out Free Time) start at 1 PM because the boutique usually closes early. We made it Pangaea and were amazed by all the things they had to sell scaling from little trinkets to pillows and bed sheets. It was a very unique store and in my opinion it priced things better than others around that area. 

Knowing that McDougal's was only a few minutes away from us, we had to visit again. I got the same thing as last time, which was the their famous chicken strips with homemade fries on the side. It was absolutely delicious. Later on we went to JJ's Coffee with our proctor Meg. Meg is an amazing woman and I love learning about her experiences and her thoughts. Abigail, Jasmine, Chiamaka, Meg, and I sat there drinking our beverages while having a great conversation. It was amazing because talking to her is easy and she's such a great person to get advice from. 

Later on we headed back. I was absolutely exhausted. When I was back in my dorm room, I sat on my bed contemplating what I would do. I was tired and there wasn't much to do, but to wait until it was time to go for mini golfing. Earlier this week, there sign-ups for what activity we wanted for the weekend. Since all the spots for rock climbing was taken, we decided to go mini golfing instead.

Me "intentionally" trying to not hit
the golf ball in the hole. 
Mini golf was a pretty funny experience. I didn't get any golf balls in the hole and I was absolutely terrible. In addition, the ball I hit almost went into this little river the ran though the mini golf course. What made the experience funny was the people around me. We might have not been very good at golf but we did make it as fun as it could be. We got a little tired of golfing so we decided to play some arcade games until the time past. It was then, Chiamaka suggested that we should go go-karting, since there was a track right outside of the mini-golfing course. I honestly believe that going go-karting was the best idea of the whole night. Go-karting was so exhilarating and fast, I honestly felt like a NASCAR driver. 

I'm excited for the rest of my weekend. VSA is going to take us to the mall tomorrow and I'm going to be able to buy some souvenirs for my family and obviously a few for myself. Tonight was so fun. It was the perfect activity to end off my day.

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