Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday Fun Day!

Since I was running out of clothing options, I decided to do laundry. Abigail and I went down to the basement at 7:00 AM or so to do it. No one was there, which was great for us. Since the washing machine runs around for 45 minutes, Abigail and I decided to go back to our rooms and get ready. After 50 minutes, we returned back to the basement and to our surprise there were a whole load of people trying to get their laundry done, too. We were so thankful to have done our laundry early in the morning because we were able to avoid the stampede of people trying to do theirs.

Today started out with a very relaxing day in class. Class was from 9:00-11:00AM. Class being later on in the morning gave me so much time to get ready and I didn't feel like I had to rush at all. I feel as if I was more organized and energized rather than being the usual groggy and tired. During class we watched a movie called "Good Will Hunting". It was a movie about having knowledge, human intellectual, and somewhat about math. The movie was a great and funny movie. I appreciated this movie day in class because I really thought we needed it.

Later on that day I got to see another movie. VSA used one of Vanderbilt's lecture room as a movie theater for the students to watch a movie called "The Goonies". It was a really funny movie. It was about a group of kids who work together to save their hometown by trying to find some kind of hidden treasure. It was great because most of the people part of VSA took part of this activity. We all saw each other and got to enjoy the movie with each other. 

We also had the privilege of another SOFT night. At first most of our proctor group went with our proctor, Meg, to go to this one coffee place. It was a little nice place. Being there was wonderful because we all got to accompany each other with either coffee or tea in our hands. We talked about an assortment of things. My favorite thing that was asked was "If you could go anywhere, where would you travel, to?" This question got me thinking whether I want to spent time studying abroad when I'm in college. Although I don't know the exact answer now I do believe it may be a possibility. After the coffee place we went to this restaurant across the street called "Chuy's". It was a bit funny because the waiter was a little irritated at us. At Chuy's, we only ordered appetizers only because we weren't too hungry to eat a whole meal. We all shared the appetizers as well, therefore she was a little irritated that she had to serve us knowing that all we were getting was appetizers. Since we felt bad, near the end we all pitched in to give her a tip that was satisfying enough. SOFT night was fun, but I wished we had more time.

Along with SOFT night and the movie, VSA also planned for the student to have a bowling night. We went to this place where they had arcade games, laser tag, roller skating, and bowling. I loved how there was an assortment of activities to do. At first we all went to play laser tag. I'm sad to say that was terrible. Although I might have been the worst, it was great to play such an intense game. Later on we went roller skating. I was really excited because I haven't gone roller skating in a rink before so it was a nice experience for me. It was honestly a struggle to get skates for everyone in the group but we were able to get some. 

After roller skating we all went back to return our shoes. But we came back to find out, Emily lost her shoes! Most of the remainder of the time we went to find if someone had taken them on accident but nobody had her shoes, nor did we find her shoes laying around where she left them. It wasn't fair that she lost her shoes when we were all suppose to have fun together but it was okay because accidents happens sometimes. Emily will get a new pair and everything will be great again. On a regular Saturday, I would be at home wasting time but today VSA made my day productive and fun.

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