Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Great Sunday...

This morning was the absolute best. Out of this whole week, last night was the most sleep I had. Waking up was a breeze. Not having obnoxious alarm clocks waking me up and not having to rush was great.  I woke up and  took my sweet time.

Breakfast was from Panera Bread. We had an assortment of bagels and fruits. I got myself a cinnamon bagel with an assortment of fruits. I sat next to my friends and we all conversed about our upcoming day. Later on we went back to our dorm rooms. Since my presentation is tomorrow, I did some final touches on my powerpoint and topics of what to teach. I want to make sure I do well and hopefully it goes well. Although I had something to do for the free time given, everyone else didn't know what to do. VSA has made the student's schedules so packed during the week days that when they are given extra time it felt so foreign. 

Around 11:45 we all went to lunch at Rand which is the other dining common on campus. Rand is farther away from the dorm rooms and much smaller. For those reasons, I prefer our regular dining commons near the dorm rooms. At lunch we talked about graduate schools and talked to our proctor about what she was going to do and where she was going to go. She told us some useful incite about graduate schools and the difference between undergrad and grad schools. As our proctor was telling us her future plans, I noticed that she had a lot of backups and plans that she had lined up for herself. From that I learned how much stress I should put on about having options for myself in case plans don't fall in place.

Later on that day  we had how "mandatory fun time" as my math teacher like to call it. There were different activities that they provided. But the one that I specifically wanted to take part of was the " Stray Boots" activity, which was a scavenger hunt but in one of the well-known streets of Nashville. Arriving there I understood why it was called "Stray Boots" because every corner had a store that sold boots. In fact there was a large sculpture of a boot at some point as we were walking down the street. I wanted to do this activity because I knew I wouldn't be able to go to Nashville anytime soon again and I should take any chance I can get to explore the great city.

At the beginning, it was too hot to bare the heat. Since we were split into smaller groups it was decided that there was two options. To go to a cafe first to retreat from the heat or do the scavenger. Since majority ruled, we went to the cafe. Although I wasn't particularly happy about not being able to see Nashville as much, I wasn't sad about it either because the heat was terribly bad. After our break from the heat at the Hard Rock Cafe, we all went to see the different stores lined up on the street. We went to various stores and saw a lot of live country singers performing at restaurants, it was nice to get a taste of what Nashville was like. 

Later on we got back to Vanderbilt. Because of all the heat most of the students were a little burned out but it wasn't enough to ruin the rest of the day. Most students decided to watch a movie or watch the 2014 World Cup finals. I admire that the students here are always interactive and won't shy away or get tired enough to turn down an opportunity to make new friends and have fun.

As for me, I was a little worried about my presentation, therefore I went back to my dorms to go over  my lesson plan and to add a few things. Hopefully I do well tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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