Wednesday, July 16, 2014


When I woke up this morning, I signed up for my choice of outing for Saturday. I wanted to sign up for rock climbing, and I was signing up the morning the listings were posted, but I was too late. I believe some people woke up especially early to make sure that they get their first pick. It's okay though, since I'll just be going to Centennial Park instead.

In class, we had a puzzler that used a little number theory. We looked at a problem in which we had to count how many lights would be on in a set of 20,000 lights if 20,000 people pulled on the lights in a specific pattern. After the puzzler, one of my classmates taught the quadratic formula, and she handled the troublemakers rather well.

Dawson had us practice with RSA encryption after the lesson ended. Initially, the class worked on our own problems, but we later had to generate our own problems and solve problems that others had generated, though Dawson gets a say in the level of difficulty in both the encryption and decryption. When decrypting, I was faced with a rather difficult problem, though I managed to finish it in time for the next student lesson on polygons.

After the lesson, we discussed classical logic. It is distant from the fields of math that I am intimate with, so I did not have my usual advantage of experience. It underlines a key characteristic of this class: the topics and the students are both so diverse, and there's something for everyone, no matter your level of experience. 
We then indirectly applied classical logic to real life, though direct applications are essentially nonexistent. We played a bit of sudoku as an example.

Study hall followed class again. I was a lot more productive this time, especially since one of my presentations (the one about Johann Bernoulli) is tomorrow. I need to make sure I am ready for that.

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