Friday, July 11, 2014

A Great Day

This morning I woke up at 6:40AM to work out. I really needed some exercise in my schedule so Chiamaka, Abagail, and I decided to it upon ourselves to use our resources to the gym. Although I only got to run a mile before it was time for us to leave, it was nice to get that cardio in. Running was soothing and made me feel great.

We worked with probability in class again. We talked about the Monty Hall problem, which was a problem based on game show like situations. If there were three doors, labeled 1, 2, or 3 and the player chose door 2. Later on the game show host said that the prize wasn't in door 1 and gave them a choice to stick with the original door or switch it. We had to find the probability of winning either by sticking with it or by switching it. I learned that switching at the last moment gives you a better opportunity that staying with it. With switching you get about 64% percent of winning. The lesson today was really based on understanding to factor in all the aspects of the problem. In this situation the forgot aspect of this problem would probably be that there are three doors not two. There for when one of the doors are taken out and left with two, one of the actions are more favorable to win with than the other.

Today, I enjoyed the activity we did in class. Being in the class for a week now, I understand what the usual schedule is going to be like. Today we played Jeopardy. It was the "Special Topics in Math" edition. The topic in specific were about what we learned the week. The topics were Matrices, Probability, Combinatorics, Determinants, and Row Operation. We all worked in groups and it was amusing to play with everyone. This was a great activity, where I could really test my knowledge.

Instead of regular arete for an hour, we had our showcase. We ran through our performance once then left for the auditorium. Every arete activity went up. My Pitch Perfect group did pretty well when we sang our mash up song selection of "Lions Sleeps Tonight/ Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" and it was fun, but I will admit I am glad it is over. I think my favorite arete group performance was the Step Dancing and the Improv. Step Dancing was so great. Everyone was on beat and the choreography was great. I really had wished I had the class. Improv was hilarious. I don't remember a second when I wasn't laughing. They played this game called scraps where there were phases written on scraps in a box. As two students were acting out a certain scene, they would have to get phrases and incorporate them in their scene. 

After the showcase, we got to have time to get ready for the dance VSA hold twice a session. Today was the first one and it was themed "Dance of Ages". Student could dress in decade they wanted. Since I was restricted on clothing options because none of my clothes applied to anything great, I made the best of it. I had these patterned pant and a shirt that had an intricate design on it. I thought I would go as a hippie. Yes, I was rocking the 60's-70's look. My favorite aspect of the dance was probably getting ready. I liked how the whole proctor group got together and helped each other with their outfits. Everyone was nice enough to lend others assessors and clothing. It was just a great bonding moment that we all shared.

The dance was great. I got to dance with my proctor, Meg, and my whole proctor group. It was a huge dance party. Besides the heat from everyone in the small auditorium, we didn't mind it and made it a fun night. I have to admit it did get a little awkward at times when there were slow dances , but the majority of the music was upbeat. I had a great day today. The dance was really fun and I am looking forward for the next dance.
Our proctor group ready to go to the dance.

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