Saturday, July 19, 2014

Running Around

Class began with a puzzler much easier than those we've had in the past. We weren't allowed to collaborate with classmates this time, but I solved it rather easily.

After the puzzler, we worked on presentations. We did both the mathematician presentations and the lessons. It was finally my turn to teach about pyramids. I thought it could have gone better, but hey, at least I wasn't being graded. I'm a bit nervous to see my evaluation and comments, though.

We had a scavenger hunt after lunch. Shanti and one other person were on my team, and we worked as a very cohesive unit. We ran around various parts of campus and solved puzzles for nearly two hours, and it was exhausting. We were about to break the all time record from previous years, and we did. But we were shocked to see one other team ahead of even us when we finished! They broke the record more than we did, and Dawson was impressed by how much we broke the records. We were also the second class to have all teams under two hours for the scavenger hunt! I am really impressed by how amazing all of my classmates are.

We had a bit of free time after class, since we don't have study hall on Fridays. We had to go to our arete classes after though, and it was time to perform. I stood in the front of the stage, and I am actually quite embarrassed of my performance. I had several mistakes, but my friends told me I wasn't the only one, so everyone in my class was at roughly the same level in terms of dancing.

We had some event after dinner. The first to fourth floor of Hank Ingram House (Hank for short) was decorated to emulate a casino, and there were various activities, such as card games, karaoke, and musical chairs. There was also a murder mystery, though I did not participate and I'm not quite sure what happened with that. I decided to dress up for the event, since many of the girls said they were going to dress up and I didn't want to look underdressed compared to them. Instead, I looked overdressed compared to all the guys! I got some complements for wearing a suit. I spent a lot of time just playing cards with friends.

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