Sunday, July 6, 2014


I packed the night before, so I had very little that I needed to do when I woke up in the morning. I found myself in the lobby before everyone else, though Mr. Mannix seemed to have been there before me. He walked through the front door with coffee and some food, so he was out.

When everyone arrived, we boarded our shuttle for the airport. We checked in smoothly, though a few of us forgot to empty our water bottles. Thankfully, the TSA didn't heckle us too much. We grabbed breakfast inside the airport, and then boarded our plane. We had a layover in Charlotte. While we waited there, the students of the cohort checked their AP scores. I was pleased with mine.

After we landed in Nashville, we got a rental van and made our way to Hotel Hutton, which is the nicest out of all the hotels we've been in. Since the girls didn't get their room yet, they used my room to hold all their stuff. We set out for lunch after dropping off our luggage, and we ate at a place called Fido. I had a great ham and cheese sandwich, and we had some nice bonding time as we ate.

We set out for Target after, to grab any supplies we needed. I felt that I was prepared for the most part, so I only bought snacks to keep in my dorm. Besides, if there’s anything else that I need, there should be some sort of convenience store within reach of campus. I browsed around while waiting for the others to finish, and we headed to the campus bookstore after.

At the bookstore, we bought hoodies courtesy of the Ivy League Connection, and the others bought anything that they wanted as souvenirs. I feel like campus bookstores are just gift shops, really, since you rarely find good deals there, and they’re often visited by tourists wanting to see the campus. We took pictures after.

We got back to the hotel somewhat late, and we didn’t even have dinner yet. Mr. Mannix gave us some time to rest up, and he would check on us in an hour to see if we wanted dinner. I was the first to speak up before he even checked on us, and we reached a unanimous decision to get dinner.

We headed outside on foot and made our way to a place called the Mellow Mushroom, after thinking it was closed due to the darkness in the windows. Chiamaka and I split a large pizza, while the rest ordered entrées of his or her own. Dinner took quite a long time.

Today was definitely a relaxed day, since we weren’t rushing all over the place to go sightseeing. All we did was eating and shopping, besides the transportation in between. I’m glad that we had a day like this, even though it could be considered “uneventful” from the perspective of the objective of this trip. I think it’s good to give the students some time to unwind. I was without my camera this entire day, since I knew it would be rather uneventful, so I have no pictures.

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  1. When you mentioned the large pizza, I started laughing. So how many slices?