Wednesday, July 16, 2014

College Admissions is a Tough Gig

it was a beautiful day
Today started out a lot better than yesterday. I actually woke up on time and I had a filling breakfast. In class, we had a lecture on obesity and I felt completely unhealthy. I realized how much I'm neglecting exercise and how much I'm eating lately. I feel as if VSA had something that we have to do at certain times and we don't really have time to exercise. The gym in commons isn't even available for most of the day so it is really hard to get exercise here. Either way I'm definitely going to exercise more when I get back home. We also talked more about our stress tests that we took yesterday in class and we talked about what we could do to keep our stress levels low. 

When we got back from lunch, our class was able to speak to a panel of people in different specializations in the medical field. It was nice talking to everyone, I remember having a lot of questions for a woman who worked in Speech Therapy. I asked a lot of questions because I have a friend with a speech impediment and I kind of wanted to know all the myths and truths about speech impediments. I didn't get to speak with the occupational therapist because she had to get back to the hospital for something really important. 

Arete has managed to get worse, I am in the front row for the most part of our dance. Only two more days and I don't ever have to do this agan. 

there was a make your own cupcake station
I think I over ate at dinner because when we walked over to the Rand Center for our college night, my stomach hurt a lot. I'm going to try my best to control my portions a lot more because its really easy to over eat and drink soda everyday when it's all available for me. We were at the Rand Center because it was "college night." Basically, we were all supposed to admissions officer for 4 different applications. The group that I was in was filled with really opinionated people who felt as if their opinion was the right opinion. Thank goodness I had my roommate Chelsea in the same group because we shared a couple of looks with each other when ever someone was getting really loud about who they thought should get in. Jasmine was also in the same group as me but we didn't get to sit together. 

For example, there was a case in which a girl didn't get the best grades during her sophomore year because she was hanging out with the wrong crowd. She was caught with alcohol at her school dance and was punished. But, after that incident, she grew so much as a person. She joined a school club called SADD that dealt with under aged drinking. She got exemplary grades for the rest of her high school career, and she also got a really good counselor recommendation. One person in my group failed to see her self growth and upward trend and immediately denied her. I chose to stay quiet because if I had tried to argue with him, we would have been in that room arguing for longer than anyone would ever want to be.  

After college night, we were given an extra half hour of free time which I thought was great because it meant that I could devote more time into blogging. :)

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