Tuesday, July 8, 2014


My morning ritual and breakfast proceeded normally. I had to meet with my class at the entrance of the dining commons again. I expected that we would walk to class on our own, but there was a slight change to policy. The TAs had to walk everyone to class, because there were some problems yesterday with getting everyone to class on time.

In class, we started with another puzzler. We had to find the amount of time it takes to travel a certain distance with a dynamic speed, using summations in sigma notation. The process resembled Riemann sums, though we did not exactly do integrals. I find that calculus is one of my best subjects in mathematics, so I did well with the puzzler. We were allowed to work at our own pace, so I put forth a significant amount of effort to see how far I could get. I do enjoy the puzzlers quite a bit, since they require creative thinking.

We then continued to discuss matrices. We learned about dominance matrices, augmented matrices, using matrices to solve system of equations, and finding the inverses of matrices larger than 2x2. Much of this was uncharted territory for me, but I still struggled with staying alert during the lecture, because lectures do not fit well with my learning style.

Dawson grouped up the students, and we placed rock-paper-scissors to teach us about dominance matrices. We also had a minor competition in which the groups competed to solve systems of equations using matrices as quickly as possible.

After working more on our project, we left for our arete classes yet again. We worked on our reaction speed and our ability to think on the spot, which is actually not one of my strong points! After arete, some free time, and dinner, we had SOFT night, or sign-out-free-time night. I had some trouble finding people, but I managed to get a group to go to CVS. After SOFT night, I went back to the dorm to do work and laundry. My laundry was supposed to be ready at 10:45 PM, but policy mandated me to wait until tomorrow morning to retrieve it.

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