Saturday, July 19, 2014

Movies, Shops, and Mini-Golf

I started off with a great morning because I was able to sleep in. In class today, we started by discussing the topic of suicide. We watched a video about a teenager who committed suicide, and then we had small group discussions. For the remaining time, we watched a show called "Chasing Life" while eating popcorn. It was about a woman who was trying to cope with cancer. It reflected the difficulties that patients experience in reality.

After we had lunch at Rand, we had SOFT time from 1-5 PM. My friends and I first went to a store called Pangea. I looked around, but I did not find anything that I liked. Our next stop was McDougal's where I got free ice cream. Afterwards, we went to a coffee shop called J.J.'s Market with our proctor-Meg. My friends trusted my suggestion and decided to try to Noah's Float which is a combination of coffee and ice-cream. Our last stop on the journey was CVS. We came back before 5 PM, so I decided to do laundry.
All the students in VSA then had a pizza party. We had the opportunity to spend time with each other and enjoy the rest of the time we have left. Later on, we played mini-golf. This was my first time playing mini-golf, and I enjoyed playing it. Asides from playing golf, we also played games in the Arcade (Chiamaka won this time in ice hockey) and rode Go-Carts. Shanti and I collected a lot of tickets, so we were able to purchase accessories. The day ended with a proctor meeting.

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