Monday, July 21, 2014

Wind Down

Class started with a puzzler that was an extension of the previous one. In the previous one, a prison warden distributed hats among prisoners in a specific pattern in a game where prisoners could be released if they win. In this new puzzler, there is much more randomness and there are many more people to complicate things. I did not come up with a solution, while a classmate did. The class had to act out the puzzle to see how it would work, and Dawson said that we were the smoothest he had ever seen for this puzzler.

After the puzzler, we had more student lessons. There is only one remaining! After lunch finished, we came back to see answer sheets on our desks. Dawson explained that he had Rebus puzzles, and I was quite challenged by them. The funnest part was going through the answers and watching the students react though.

After the Rebus puzzles, Dawson presented "his favorite problem ever" for study hall. This problem dealt with the distribution of spoils between democratic pirates. My table worked through it together with a significant amount of discussion, and I had a lot of fun considering all the possibilities and working with my peers. After we obtained an answer, Dawson presented us with extensions based on the question. We didn't have enough time to work through everything, but we made a good amount of progress.

After class, we had no arete classes. It's the last week, so we won't have any more. We were given extra free time instead, and I am taking advantage of it and enjoying it. After free time and dinner, we had SOFT. I went out with friends, then I went stargazing since the astronomy class was opening to visitors to teach them about some of the celestial bodies. I saw Saturn!

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