Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Project Due Soon!

"Special Topics in Math" is a class that always seems to surprise me. Although it's only been the third day, I'm amazed by the knowledge I learn from the class. Even if I already studied the material in class, during the lecture, there's always something new that I learn about the topic. The lectures are in depth and explained better than how I was taught in my school.

Today we learned about combinatorics. Combinatorics include permutations or combinations. Its been a while since I've reviewed them but as we were discussing what they were and what they are used for, I was able to learn more than I did in my regular Algebra II/Trigonometry class in Freshman years.

Later on that day we did this group activity where we were separated into 4 group and we all had to solve this worksheet together. Again, it was another competition type activity, therefor I really enjoyed it. My group and I worked together with our fullest intent and I liked how we joined ideas of what to do and how go take on a problem.

During study hall, we went to the library and worked on our presentation for class. Since I was to teach the class for 45 minutes about my chosen topic, which was exponents, I wanted to get a lot done. Today the teacher made sure that we got advice for what he was expecting. It really gave me an idea of what to put in my presentation and how to execute a good presentation on my end of the line. Later on the conversation, he asked me to bring in my (very unfinished) presentation tomorrow. I thought I would have more time but I understood why he asked for it. He told me it would be okay if I wasn't completely done, but I am still going to get as much done today. 

Today's menu
At dinner it was a  little different. The menu had an Indian twist to it. There was Indian food being served today! I was so exited because it reminded me of my mom's cooking. Although no one can even compete to my mother's curry and rice it was nice to have a taste of home here. After lunch a group of friends and I decided to play food in one of the commons rooms. I am terrible at pool but it was fun.

VSA has made the schedule for student to have an hours or two for the whole program dedicated for group activities. The other day we had a scavenger hunt but today was something useful. We had a college night today. Students signed up for  certain discussion groups that applied to them the most. My first option was a discussion about "College Selection  and  Application". In this discussion we talked about how to decide what school to apply to. They also taught us details about the application process and certain things we should do to better our application experience. The second discussion  I took part in was called  " Beyond the Grades" , which was a panel of students who talked about their experiences in college with extracurricular activities. I found these session extremely helpful because I was able to interact with the students that go to college and ask them questions. 

Since I do have a big project to tend to now, I am going to leave this blog on a happy note and say I really like my class. I enjoy what we learn and activities we do. As the days go by, hopefully it will get better and better.

The pool table.

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