Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Last SOFT Night!

Hang out with my wonderful friends for the
Last SOFT night.
For the first session of class we did two presentations. The lessons were on imaginary numbers and parabolas. Although I've already learned about these topics, it was great review. After the presentation we went off to lunch. Lunch was like any regular meal. I got my lunch sat down and ate.

During the second session in class, Dawson, our instructor wanted us to get our mind off of math for a few minutes and rest. It sounds a little odd, but it is what we needed.  For the time being we started to work on puzzles called rebuses. Rebuses are symbols or illustrations to represent words or a phrase. Our job as the students was to find what each rebus symbol was in a certain amount of time. Dawson made sure to make it into a competition, since he likes competitions. Of course I didn't win the competition, I was far from it. It was my first time working with that type of puzzle and quiet frankly they were very difficult. 

Today was VSA's last SOFT(Sign Out Free Time) night. I have grown accustomed to roaming the streets of Nashville twice a week. I didn't even realize it was our last SOFT night until it was nearly the end of the night. My friends and I were so caught up in having fun that we forgot it would be our last. We started off by going to Starbucks and from there we went to take pictures of this mural in 21st in Nashville. The mural is in  Hillsboro Village which is one of Nashville's well-known streets. After taking a few snapshots of the place we went to to Hot & Cold, which was a local coffee/icecream place in the area. We got some icecream, even though we were a little full from what we had at Starbucks. But since it was going to be our last SOFT night we went with it. Walking back to the dorms was the most depressing moment here for me at VSA. Just the idea that there isn't going to be another SOFT night and we are so close to the end.

One of the painted walls in Hillsboro Village.

In our dorms rooms we had time to rest. Some of the girls started to sing a song that everyone recognized and started to sing along. A few moments later I opened my door to a few girls from my proctor group singing and our proctor, Meg. Chiamaka and I walked outside breaking into song with them. I think this was one of the memorable moments I've had on my floor. It was amazing how we just all sang along with each other in harmony. I am going to miss this gravely. 

I have less than a week in Vanderbilt. I'm contemplating how I am going to react to "the end of my journey", as I like to call it. Like I said before, all I know is that I am going to cherish every lasting second.

Taking a picture in front of this great mural with
my amazing friends.

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