Sunday, July 13, 2014


I was allowed to sleep in a little bit this morning if I wanted to, but I still woke up at normal hours. I ate breakfast and got ready for the day, and I had free time after breakfast. I spent it trying to do work after I got bored of chatting with people. Lunch started around noon, very close to breakfast, and it ended with students departing for the Sunday outing that they each signed up for. I was signed up for a trip to the Frist Art Museum, and while there I became acquainted with students that I had not spoken to previously.

After every student came back from their outing around 4 PM, everyone was to stay on their floor and find ways to pass time until 6 PM. I played cards with some of the other boys on my floor while I waited for dinner to start. We walked to dinner as a group later, though we did not have to stay as a group. I found some of my other friends in the Rand Dining Hall, and I spent the rest of my evening with them. I sat with them for dinner and played games with them during the remaining free time today.

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