Monday, July 21, 2014

The Beginning of the End

Today started of routinely. Breakfast, Class, Lunch, Class. But this time, we didn't have to go to arete this week. I'm really excited about the extra hour of free time because it means I can start my summer assignments!! (maybe)

In class, I thought the most interesting lecture was one about how to get into med school. At first, I thought that the lecturers were just telling the typical "be well rounded" kind of story; but when they say well rounded, they mean well rounded. They expect med school students to have shadowed, or researched or even written a book! I thought getting into college was going to be hard...try med school. I feel as if the idea of med school sort of scares me but it intrigues me more than scares me. I'm really determined to be a doctor and I'm also kind of scared that I'll be one of the college students that starts off "pre-med" but changes majors 3000 times. I really hope I can make it because I don't see myself doing anything else. I could never be an Engineer, or Lawyer, or Teacher. I don't have a back up plan. Some people call it stupid but I say it's my "calling." 

Because I think I'm a model 
We had our last S.O.F.T night tonight. I could not have hung out with a better group of people. Shanti, Stephanie, Abigail, Jasmine, and I all hung out and walked around Hillsboro. It was the best. We even stopped to take a couple of pictures in front of this really nice artistic wall. I really appreciate them and I love how close we've gotten in such a short amount of time. While we were at Hot and Cold, we made a pact to always stay in touch and talk as much as possible. It's so weird to think that they live so far away! I'm also really going to miss my roommate Chelsea. She told me today that it was going to be so weird not being able to talk to me about her day. She was the best roommate ever and I'm so glad that we got along so well because it honestly could have gone either way. We immediately clicked and I feel like we've known each other forever. I'm really going to miss everyone when it's all over. Three more days with all these wonderful people and I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry Friday morning when we have to check out. 
Can I bring them to California with me?

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  1. Yes, you can Sweetie; I am glad you enjoyed your stay there, and broadened your knowledge besides the food. See ya soon. Can't wait.