Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Last Proctor Night!

In class, we had our last presentations. Seeing the presentations, helped me understand how I can better my techniques and skills when it comes to giving a presentation or in this case, teaching. Learning from other students, whether they failed or succeeded, was helpful to me. I appreciated this project because it was a  great learning opportunity and I believe that it has prepared me to do great in my next presentation.

During class we also worked on a few puzzles.  One thing that I admire about my class, Special Topics in Math, is that we do a lot of puzzlers that make is think logically and mathematically. During the puzzlers, we get to act them out to see how certain aspects of the problem work out. Acting these out the puzzlers isn't something that my classes do . Acting it out gives student a better understand of the problem and it helps me figure out what is really happening in a certain situation.

After class we had some free time. I wanted to rest up for the upcoming activities that we were going to have that night. Tonight was the last proctor night. Usually during proctor nights, other proctor groups ask other proctor groups to spend time with each other, but for this proctor night we decided just to make it our group. One thing that we decided to do was to go to the bookstore. We all wanted to go to the bookstore because we wanted to buy some souvenirs from Vanderbilt's bookstore. We walked there and got some Vanderbilt merchandise.  I bought two T-shirts that said Vanderbilt on it. I plan on giving one to my dad and keeping one for myself. Hopefully he likes his gift.

Later we went back to the dorms. At the dorm's commons room we ordered in some Chinese food. We sat in a circle eating Chinese food. As we ate our delicious food, we bonded together for the last time again on proctor night. I think today's proctor meeting was the best proctor night experience I have had out of  my whole VSA experience. Today's proctor night was just us. We got to talk and learn new things about each other. Over the past weeks I've gotten the opportunity of getting to know each these wonderful and intelligent ladies and I will not let our relationship of great friends parish. 

Tonight was a wonderful night. I am so saddened that it is out last proctor night, but I know that our time together is not over yet. 

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