Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Relaxed Day

Today was a very relaxed day. I had the opportunity to sleep in because class did not start until 10:00 AM. Because the Commons is closed on the weekends, we had breakfast in the lobby. Class was only two hours long today. We watched two medical-related shows and ate popcorn. The first show we watched was Gray's Anatomy. This was the first time I watched it, and I enjoyed it. The episode focused on the topic of obesity and it showed how physicians have to be sensitive when dealing with patients. The second show was called Scrubs. It depicted the first day of residency. Some of the scenes were inaccurate, but it was still entertaining.

We had lunch at Rand's again. I decided to try the Chicken Quesadilla. After lunch, we watched a movie called "The Goonies" for two hours; it was a great movie. After the movie was over, we had soft afternoon. This was my first soft afternoon. Most of my proctor group first went to J.J's which is a coffee shop. I decided to try Noah's Float which included coffee and ice cream. I am glad I tried it. My friends and I then headed over to Chuy's. We all ordered appetizers- chips with different dips. By 6:00 PM, we headed back to Hank.

Stephanie, Emily, Abigail, Me, Shanti, and Chiamaka at Chuy's.
At 6:30 we had to meet our proctor to go bowling. While we were waiting, my proctor group decided to play games. We played a game called Concentration. It was extremely fun, and it gave us a chance to spend time together. We then boarded the bus to go bowling. One of the buses did not show up, so we had to squeeze together. We started the event by eating pizza.
The first game my friends and I played was laser tag. This was my first time playing it, so I was a bit lost. Unfortunately, my team lost. We also went on the bumper cars. Chiamaka and I also went to the Arcade. We played ice hockey and basketball. We were able to earn tickets, so we all decided to buy matching bracelets. Today was a very fun and exciting day, and I am looking forward to tomorrow's activities.

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