Friday, July 18, 2014

Fun Friday!

We started class with a lecture on cancer. I learned about a variety of different cancers, and the treatments available. We also went over myths about risk factors of cancer. I had been told by multiple people that deodorant was a risk factor, so I was surprised to learn that it does not increase the risk of any cancer.

We had two guest speakers afterward. The first speaker was a bariatrics surgeon. Before today I did not really have a clear understanding of surgical procedures that reduced weight. I learned that one of the procedures involved inserting a ring at the top of the stomach to limit the amount of food a person can intake; it makes the person feel full. Another method that surgeons use is removing 85 % of the stomach which extremely limits the amount of  food a person can eat.

Our next guest was a ER doctor. He talked about the different dilemmas ER doctors face. For example, doctors have to decide which patient has a more severe case and needs to be admitted immediately. Afterwards, we presented our group projects. Our group was the first one to go up. We performed a skit that discouraged smoking. Each member my group had a different message to convey about smoking, and we acted out each of the different messages. We had our final guest speaker after the presentations. He talked about the difficulties physicians face when they have to diagnose a patient. I learned that there are two different approaches: analytical and non-analytical. For example, some doctors participate in non-analytical thinking when they diagnose a patient based on a previous diagnosis. If they see a similar symptoms between the present and a past case, they might assume that the present case has the same diagnosis. This is a challenge that doctors have to avoid sometimes.

We had our last Arete showcase today. I enjoyed watching the other performances; however, I did not enjoy juggling on stage. I ended up dropping the ball on stage. The last event of the day was "Hank Hotel" which was modeled off of a casino in Las Vegas. There were different activities going on that involved dancing, board games, musical chairs, and a murder mystery. My friends and I played bingo first and then musical chairs; we were able to earn house points. I had a lot of fun playing musical chairs!

My roommate-Abigail- and I are dressed up for the event.

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