Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bye Washington DC and Hello Nashville!!

Washington DC was by far my favorite place we visited. That's why it was so difficult to leave it. Reaching the airport I felt a little void of sadness in my heart but I reminded myself I'm going to another state to have a different adventures and different experiences.

At the airport we had some food. We ate at the California Tortilla. I thought it was a little funny how we were in the airport in Virginia but the restaurant they had was called California Tortilla. I thought maybe it represented Virginia welcoming other states. Either that or people in Virginia really like California's tortillas. Even after breakfast, we were still tired. I think Carson, Jasmine, Chiamaka, and I haven't gotten used to the sleeping schedule, yet. But we will soon enough.

This time around, we took another airlines. Although US Airways Express wasn't as entertaining as Virgin America and I didn't get the window seat this time, it was just as great. I sat next to Jasmine, again, but we were in the same row as the other cohorts as well. In addition to that the view was just as great. While taking off, I had my last glimpses of Washington DC. I just know, I have to visit again, if I can.
Seeing DC pass as the plane passes by. Can you see the Washington Memorial?

As we landed to our second destination in Charlotte Airport in North Carolina. It was there, I had the weirdest and funniest encounter with this woman. As I was standing in line for the bathroom. A older woman comes and waits in line. She grabs my attention by asking if I was wearing a green shirt. I told her I was wearing a green tank top, confusingly. It turns out that her granddaughter was apparently suppose to wear a grey hoodie, jeans, and tennis shoes when she arrived at the airport, which was exactly what I was wearing today. She thought I was her granddaughter! It was funny. She explained to me she hadn't seen her granddaughter in a while and I understood. At the end of it all we laughed about it together.

We started to head to our departure gate to Nashville. Walking toward the gate, there was a flashing sign that said "NASHVILLE DEPART: 1:15 PM". Seeing the sign reminded me of how close I am to Vanderbilt.

During the plane ride, Jasmine and I started to look at the magazines put out for every passenger. One was a regular magazine about the state and the other was a shopping catalog. Looking at the catalog left us dumbfounded. We couldn't believe the types of products they were trying to sell. My favorite product was this massage chair described as "the best massage chair in the world". It's cost was about $8,999.99. We just taught it was a little ridiculous but who knows maybe it is worth the money. 

I ordered Grilled Chicken and Sweet Potatoes.
We got to the airport and rented a white van to transport us to the hotel and other places. We arrived to the Hutton Hotel, changed into something more comfortable, and left. Driving around Nashville was nice but to be honest I was still having Georgetown/Washington DC fever. Mr.Mannix took us to this place called "Fido". It was a unique restaurant that had a K9 theme to it. After lunch we went to Target.

Going to Target was a struggle because we got lost for a second. But it was pretty cool. We got to pass this residential area where there were mansions everywhere. The area seemed so great, but we eventually found our way to Target.

At Target, Jasmine, Chiamaka, and I went to get the necessities that we needed. Among the list were notebooks, pens, paper, folders, detergent, and hangers. All three of us took longer than we expected being that we only had a few things to buy. After Target we went to the Vanderbilt Bookstore. We went to get our sweatshirts! I was so excited! Getting our sweatshirts kind of felt like we were fitting in more. When we left, Mr.Mannix pointed out that there was a Vanderbilt University sign and we all decided to wear our sweatshirts, while taking pictures. It was really fun having our little photo shoot. It got a little ridiculous after a few shots, but they were all good photos.
Us modeling out our new Vanderbilt gear. One of the great shots we got.

Showing our love for the Vanderbilt Crew. 

We went back to the hotel. Chiamaka and I decided to hit the gym. We worked out for an hour. Although it was absolutely dreadful to exercise, Chiamaka and I muscled through it. As it was almost time for dinner, we went back to out rooms to get ready.

We went out to dinner at the Mellow Mushroom. It was quiet a peculiar place to go, but the food was amazing. I ordered the Mauwi Wowie, which was a pizza with an assortment of toppings. It was a great meal to end the day. Today was a great first day at Nashville, Tennessee.

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  1. Wonderful group photos once again! And what would you recommend me to bring for the East Coast.