Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's Go to the Mall

I started the day off with a catered breakfast in Hank yet again. After that, we had some free time until lunch, so I watched a movie with a friend. It ended just in time for us to be ready for lunch, and so we went. Everyone was to depart from the cafeteria to the buses from our Saturday outing at Opry Mills, the mall in Nashville, so we all had to be ready for our trip before we headed out for lunch.

When I arrived at the mall, I found myself in a different group than I expected. I didn’t mind though, since they were great to shop with and they were lots of fun. I bought myself two shirts at the mall. Some of my friends that I passed by talked about a pepper challenge at the Pepper Palace, so my group wanted to try it. I decided to join along.

At the Pepper Palace, there was a tiny cup of salsa and a large bin of chips next to it. We all signed a waiver to try the salsa, and initially we thought it wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, on our way out of the Pepper Palace, the spice started to kick in. Hard. It was a lot of suffering from spiciness and a lot of laughs, and I had fun doing it with my friends.

After we came back, my friends decided to hang out in the piano room before dinner. After dinner, we had trivia night! Everyone was sorted by proctor group. Apparently, my proctor group is not the best at trivia, because we got second-to-last place. Regardless, I still had fun with my group! We were really spirited and cheering, for fun’s sake.

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