Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not Ready For VSA to End!

"I scream for icecream, we all scream for icecream!"
Today was an extraordinary day. Class was extremely entertaining. In class we played poker. Yes, it may sound a little odd but there is a lot of mathematical and logical aspects in poker that we exercised. Plus it was the best opportunity for me to understand how bad I am at poker.  Therefore, I will not be gambling any time, at all. After playing poker the whole class went to Ben & Jerry's as a celebratory function for the whole class. 

When we came back, student were given some free time. I took this time to collect and organize my belongings to put in my suit case.Tomorrow will be my last day at Vanderbilt and I don't want to spend a single second of it packing. I was able to fully pack my carry-on. After taking some time packing it was lunch. 

Finished packing the carry-on!!
After lunch we had some more free time. I took that time, again, to pack some more, but I stopped after a few minutes. I decided to go downstairs where the common floors were. I wanted to spend one of my last nights here with my friends and socialize for a bit. As I sat there on one of the couches, while student were coming in and out, I realized how much I was going to miss this place. I thought, if I could go back in time and do it again, I would because I know that this program has allowed me to accomplish great things. With this program. I met some of the most intelligent and talented people that I will ever meet. This opportunity has allowed me to see a different perspective and let me improve myself as an individual and a student. I understood how grateful I was for this opportunity. After free time was over, we went back into our rooms and waited for the proctor meeting to start. 

The proctor meeting was very emotional for me. For every night for the past three weeks, I've had proctor meeting where I get to sit down with my amazing proctor, Meg, and twelve other extraordinary young women who are thriving to be great things. I have had the opportunity of knowing them not only as great friends but as family. 

Like usual we went through our daily plans for the next day. Later Meg, pulls out a few pieces of white paper and envelopes from her folder. At that point I was a little uncertain of what was going to happen. I asked myself, "Is she about to write letters for our parents?" I was confused and before I could ask she explained that each of us have to to write a letter to ourselves, talking about anything. These letters will later be sent back to us in January. These letters would act as reminders of what happened in VSA and some of the goals we have for ourselves. I grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen and started to write. 

I started off with, "Dear Shanti," but I couldn't think of anything else. I sat there for a few seconds contemplating how I was going to cram my perfect summer experience into just one page. I couldn't write about the funny moment and jokes we had. I couldn't write all the places I got to go to and seen After some time of thinking, I began to write. 

I started writing about the people I've met on this trip, or specifically my proctor group. I thought if I was going to read this in January, I would want to laugh. In my letter I listed all the girls in my proctor group and wrote a short description of them, with my most memorable moment with them. After that I wrote about how VSA changed me as an individual and what are my goals for the year and in life. When I was finished writing, I, again, realize how much I was going to miss VSA and couln't believe it was going to be over soon.

Tomorrow, Thursday, will officially be that last day of VSA. I plan on spending every second of my time remembering everyone and getting my everlasting last impression of everyone and everything. 

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