Friday, July 18, 2014

Special Topics in Math Introduces: The Scavenger Hunt!

The folders and materials we needed for the hunt.
Today was an exciting day. To start off, in class we has a scavenger hunt. During the afternoon session of the class, we were broken off into teams for the scavenger hunt. My team consisted of Carson, Haley, and our guardian/watch person Racheal. Racheal was one of Dawson's, our instructor, TA's from the past. In the scavenger hunt we had to solve certain worksheets that either consisted of a Sudoku puzzle, a decoding problem, or encoding problem. These worksheets would be put in folders around different the school. It was our job the find them all and beat the other teams.

My team relaxing a little after the scavenger hunt.
My team worked very well together. We went from one area to another as quick as possible. Solving problems with my group were great to do because Carson and Haley are so intelligent and great team players. I strongly believe if we put our minds together, we could really accomplish anything. We ran from place to place like our life depended on it. There was a moment where we got a little exhausted so we decided to walk at a fast pace rather than run, but we did make it to our destination ahead of time. I think my favorite part of the scavenger hunt was when we were in our last location solving one of the last puzzles. When we  arrived, we were so quick to figure out our puzzle. While we were decoding the numbers to make a message, it became clear that the code stated " I SHALL RETURN TO CLASS". I was so exuberant, because we were so close to finishing.

Group Photo of the Yellow Team.
Haley, Carson, Shanti(me), Racheal
While striding to our last location, we saw another group. Our group decided to give them false information about where we stood in the race. We told them that we only solved three out of the eight puzzles. We didn't want them to know that we were so close to being finished. As we were only a few feet from the building we started to sprint to the class. Haley was ahead of us and she said that no one was there. But as we were approaching the classroom, we saw another team there. They had won the race, but we did win second. Before we could win second we had to solve the last puzzle. It was funny because the last puzzle was the only one my team actually has an error on. We quickly went over it again found the mistake and solved the final puzzle. The scavenger hunt was so fun. Granted we were very tired at the end but we did get some great cardio from running one area of the school to another. 

Coming back from the scavenger hunt, we had some free time. Free time was something that I was looking for the whole week. I did some more laundry and I cleaned my room just a bit. After free time it was the arete showcase. The show case really improved from the last one. There were a lot of new acts and performances that weren't shown before. My favorite part of the arete showcase would probably be when Chiamaka Nwadike, went on stage to perform with her Pitch Perfect group. She looked so enthusiastic and happy being on that stage. I honestly believe she has a natural talent for being on the stage to sing and dance. 

Abigail and I together.
After the arete showcase, it was time to get ready for one of the fun nights VSA hosts in the dorm building. Tonight VSA hosted "Viva la Vandy" which is suppose to be a Los Vegas/casino themed night. There were different activities on each of the four open floors. I had the most fun on the fourth floor playing musical chairs. It was so fun. I lost the first time but the second time around I won. There was also bingo on the first floor, cards on the third, and a regular common area on the second. The only thing I dislike was the there was to many floors. I really had wished they confined the space so more people would be involve in the various activities and socialize more.

Today was a fantastic day. It was amazing from start to finish. The second week of VSA is ending now and I cant imagine leaving this wonderful environment, the great people I've met, and this amazing school. Its really hard to count down the days because I'm going to miss it so much. Although the countdown is going to start soon, I will make every second left count.

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