Friday, July 4, 2014


Traveling by Amtrack, we arrived in Washington DC. Being in Washington DC was so exciting. I loved how the area was greatly covered with beautiful buildings and statues. During the cab ride to the Holiday Inn, I noticed DC's strong hold on international affairs. I was interesting to see the many different countries that had embassies there. 

Even though we didn't see any of the monumental  aspects of Washington DC yet, I really enjoyed it. We went for a quick lunch at Chipotle, but after, we strolled down one of DC's popular street, where a combination of restaurants and stores thrived. I like how there were so many different types of small authentic business in the area, which made that area different from other places. Not too long after our walk, we arrived at Georgetown University. 

When I first walked on the school campus, I instantly liked the building's old style architecture. One ubiquitous aspect of all the buildings that I noticed was there where the numerous amount of crosses. At first I was uncertain about the school. The thoughts that compiled in my head was " Was this school Christian or Catholic based?" and "Are the religious influences of the college going to affect the student's studies?" This honestly worried me, but as we went into the information session I was a little reassured.

One of Georgetown's well-known buildings.
In the information session, there was a lot of aspects that I admired about the school. Georgetown was a school that held it's own standard of diversity in religions. This was a bit reassuring to hear from an advisory point but I wanted to hear an opinion from an actual student. In addition, just like Columbia and Pennsylvania, Georgetown looked at applications holistically. Georgetown consists of four different schools: Georgetown College, Walsh School of Foreign Affairs, McDonough School of Business, and the School of Nursing and Health Studies. Students can apply to any of the desired school and go in undecided and aren't expected to change majors until sophomore year. I appreciated this feature because other schools required students to have a major. In addition, Georgetown understands that student may not like the specialized school they choose when applying to the specialized schools, therefore they allow students to transfer from one school to another. Although their recommendation for testing requirements were a little different, from the other school, I really like the school.  

The school also didn't have a re-med course or major. The school had it as a concentration that the students could have. In my opinion I wasn't too troubled about this because I understood that there was a lot of flexibility that Georgetown offered, meaning that students can take a wide variety of course and still have a way to link it to medicine. I thought having pre-med as a concentration was not a bad idea for student because it allows students to explore other topics as well as their own desired one. I, for instance, am a student that wants to be involved in the medical field but I also want to explore business and other topics. I believe that having the pre-med concentration would be more of an advantage to me as a student rather than a disadvantage.

One of the fantastic rooftop views from the college dorms,
During the tour, I got to see more of the school. One thing that I realized was that the school was in close proximity of almost everything. There were stores, housing, and other resources for students daily life that is walking distance away. To me I preferably like to go somewhere where everything is close and that is what I saw as Georgetown. They also have great academic based resources and advisory connections that the students are able to use. The school seemed pretty great with everything. Our tour guide gave us some wonderful incite on some on school activities and out of school activities. After the tour and information session, I was feeling a lot more confident in Georgetown. I honestly believed that Georgetown was a possibility. At that point, I was looking forward to the upcoming dinner that night to talk to the student that go there to ease my uncertainties and to get more incite about the school.

We rushed quickly back to the hotel before it rained again and started to get ready for the formal dinner. The dinner was held at the City Tavern Club at 7:00 PM. During the dinner, I was very nervous to talk to the students and a little intimidated, but like any other dinner I was able to adjust to become more comfortable around them. At the table I was able to converse with five of the nine Georgetown students overall. Those students that I talked to were: Leann, who was in the nursing program; Trevor, who was the student body president; Josi, who was majoring in international politics; Zachary, who was interested in foreign affairs and economics; and Micheal, who was an uprising sophomore. 

The delicious dish I ordered at The City Tavern.
I greatly appreciated the fact that I was able to hear opinions from students that were aspiring to be different things. While talking to them about the school, they broaden my perspective on the different classes, majors, as well as types of opportunities that Georgetown has to offer. They also reassured me that Georgetown was a college that was non-bias and had a diversity of religions as well as people. Since I am going to be taking the SAT's soon they also told be their experience about their standardized testing. One of the student took the ACT's instead of the SAT's and it was fascinating to hear what was the difference between the two. During this topic, I recognized that my high school doesn't inform student about the ACT's as much as the SAT's and wished that they could expand the students knowledge on both. I also learned about some of the activities and clubs that the Georgetown student were a part of. For instance there was a organization that some of them were involved of that helps students who have parents that didn't go to college to financially help them as well as give the guidance that students need. This organization was appealing to me because it sound like something I would want to take part of if I were to go to Georgetown(or any college in general).

 I thought they were extremely interesting, gave useful advise, and were overall great and amazing people. I loved how they connected with all of us and wasn't afraid to speak about any aspect of the school, even the less desirable. I appreciated their honesty and help. I admired their love for Georgetown and their energy that they brought to the dinner. They truly were great ambassadors of the school. I believe because of their love and energy toward Georgetown, I really believe that Georgetown is more than a possibility now. I hope to meet all of the student again because they inspired me to make that decision.

After the dinner, we started to walk to our hotel. I was so excited about the dinner that I almost practically ran to the hotel. I couldn't believe the great day and wonderful night I had. This day has honestly got me asking "Can we go back to Georgetown?"

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