Saturday, July 5, 2014


My view from the airplane
Today was a very easy going day. We boarded two different planes today in order to get to Nashville and I finally got a window seat! It was very exciting to watch the clouds and watch how the plane maneuvered. I was definitely mesmerized by the scene, being a non-frequent flyer makes it more exciting and intriguing. Listening to music and watching the clouds was very therapeutic.
When we arrived at our hotel, I was blown away by the great weather Nashville had. It was hot, but not too hot for me. We ate lunch at a restaurant called Fido. I had steak and fries. The one thing that threw me off is that I assumed my steak would be on one side of the plate while the fries would be on the other side of the plate, but when I got my lunch, I was surprised to see that my steak was on top of my fries. However, the food was delicious. 

After lunch, we all headed over to Target to get any last minute necessities such as: hangers, detergent, pencils, and a notebook. Shanti, Jasmine, and I decided to split the hangers but, Jasmine wasn't able to share detergent with us because she has really sensitive skin. (You learn something new everyday.)

My favorite part of the day was visiting the Vanderbilt bookstore and buying our sweatshirts. I believe that getting the sweatshirts made it so surreal for me. I'm actually going to be spending a couple of weeks here. Of course we had a little photo shoot after we bought our sweatshirts. 
I didn't get the "not smiling" memo
I also didn't get the "no Vandy sign" memo
We had a little bit a free time when we got back to the hotel so Shanti and I decided to exercise. The work out was really calming and it was nice to run off some of my anxiety for tomorrow (first day of school).

For dinner we had pizza from The Mellow Mushroom. Carson and I shared on large pizza. It was the house specialty so it was packed with toppings like bacon, ham, and green peppers. Over dinner, we talked about who we thought would make it to the World Cup finals. I personally think that the final game would be between Argentina and Germany, but anything could happen at this point.

I can't wait for tomorrow. I think I'm more scared than excited but that would probably change once I step foot on campus. According to last year's ILC Vanderbilt cohort, making new friends is easy, I sure hope that they're right.

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  1. You ate half a large pizza... I'm going to be expecting a lot more working out from you once Water Polo starts.